Fund Factsheet
Fund type Closed-end property fund
Investment policy Property Fund is the mutual fund which invests in an alternative investment in a form of mutual fund that allows the Fund mobilize capital from investors to invest in immovable properties e.g. office building, retail space, hotel, serviced apartment, factory, warehouse, and etc. The property ownership, leasehold right, and/or sub-leased right will be transferred to the Fund after a successful deal. The Fund can benefit such property by renting, subleasing and/or selling the asset that the Fund has invested in, own, or has, but not limited to renting or subleasing to the property operators, to seek benefit, repair, improve, renovate, extend, construct or develop the property by requesting for or transferring construction licenses and any actions required to do so, and any other actions that will benefit the properties. The Fund intends to generate regular dividend for investors and expects property appreciate over time. In addition, this includes investment in other assets or securities as well as seeking return in other means as allowed by the securities law and other relevant regulations.
Fund registration date December 1, 2009
Fund capital 4,469,061,581 (Baht Four Thousand Four Hundred Sixty-Nine Million Sixty-One Thousand, Five Hundred and Eighty-One)
No. of units 413,839,310 (Four Hundred, Thirteen Mllion Eight Hundred Thirty-Nine Thousand Three Hundred and Ten units)
Par value (Baht per unit) 10 Baht
Dividend payout policy The Fund has policy to pay dividend to the unit holders at least twice a year
  • In case the Fund reports a net profit, the Fund management company will pay dividend to the unit holders at the payout ratio of not less than 90% of the annual net profits. The aforementioned net profit is the net profit that does not include the unrealized profits from appraisal or reappraisal of real estates, securities, or asset of the Fund.
  • In case the Fund has retained earnings, the Fund management company may pay dividend to the unit holders from the retained earnings.
Project terms/Fund expiry date No termination date
Asset management company Bualuang Asset Management Company Limited
Auditor EY Office Limited.
Lessee Industrial operators
Real estate manager TICON Industrial Connection Public Company Limited
TICON Logistics Park Company Limited
Trustee Kasikornbank Public Company Limited