TLOGIS Highlights
Investments in freehold interests in land and buildings
TLOGIS has acquired 285 rai 3 ngan 64 square wah of land and 20 warehouses ( 63 units) with leasable area of 243,625 square meters. With investments in freehold interest in land and buildings , TLOGIS has high capital potential in gaining benefit from property appreciation in land and warehouse over time.
Strategic logistic locations with BOI promotions
Thirteen warehouses located in TICON Logistics Park Project - Wangnoi on Paholyothin Km.56 near Outer Ring Road, Eastern and Western entries. The warehouse location has possessed a high development potential as replenishment centers, distribution centers, and logistic hubs to Central, North, and Northern regions of Thailand.
Twenty warehouses located in TICON Logistics Park Project - Bangna on Bangna-Trad Km.39 connecting Motorway, Suvarnabhumi Airport, industrial areas and not too far from Leam Chabang Port. Two warehouses are in tax-exempted area, which make them very attractive for importers, exporters, logistic operators, as well as lessees in various domestic and international industries.
Twenty-one warehouses located in TICON Logistics Park Project - Laemchabang on Bypass- Laemchabang Road (Motorway No.7) of which are surrounded by industrial, residential and commercial estate. The positive factors thus include the expansion of industrial, residential development and infrastructure projects. The growth of the city, location and communication will create demand for all source of development from industrial operators, residential and commercial developers to support such community in the future.
Three warehouse located in TICON Logistics Park Project - Rojana on Highway No.3056 in Uthai District, Phra Nakorn Si Ayutthaya Province. The construction of this project started in 2009 with a total land area of 19 rais. Ayutthaya is strategically situated be developed into a storage center and distribution center of medium to large logistics businesses which include many famous tenants like Honda.
Six warehouses located in TICON Logistics Park Project - Eastern Seaboard in Pluakdaeng District, Rayong Province approximately 117 Km. from Bangkok on Highway No.331 connecting to No.7 with a total land area of 46 rais. The Eastern Seaboard (Rayong) is considered the "Detroit of the East". It is one the largest centers for the automotive industry in Thailand with companies like Ford-Mazda producing 1-ton trucks for export and General Motors assembly plant producing MPV, SUV and 1-ton trucks for exports as well. Apart from the aforementioned companies, 25 of the 50 leading automotive parts companies in the world are situated in this project and 25 of Toyota group of companies are also situated in this project. Altogether there are approximate 120 companies from different parts of the world with plants in this project
High quality and standard warehouses
TLOGIS's warehouses are developed to suit with various requirements of lessees, and users and are also designed to accommodate new logistic technologies, which enable the lessees to manage their inventory efficiently. The warehouses are designed to have leveled floors to accommodate containers with loading capacity of 3-5 tons per square meters and have 8-12 meters clear height ceiling space with parking space for container docking to the warehouse at the ratio of one lot per 1,000 square meters. All the aforementioned facilities enable the lessees to store and transport goods efficiently. The TLOGIS's warehouses are relatively new with an age average of less than two years.
Opportunities to receive a good and regular expected return
With high quality warehouses located on strategic logistic locations to distribute goods to every part of the country, the TLOGIS’s warehouses are highly demanded by importers, exporters, and retailers from various businesses and nationalities who has signed medium to long-term lease contracts. This highly assures that the assets can generate steady returns in the present and the future. As of June 30,2017 the occupancy rate is registered high at 76.5%
Minimum income guarantee contract for seven years
To ensure regular earnings for the Fund, the property manager, TICON Industrial Connection Public Company Limited, guarantees minimum revenue of Baht 118.50 million per annum for seven years, ending on December 31, 2016 accomplished with a letter of guarantee from a commercial bank.
Professional property manager
TICON, the property manager, is one of Thailand's leading operators for industrial factories and warehouses. With over 19 years of experience, the company is specialized in constructing factories and warehouses for rent, marketing expertise, creating good relationship with lessees, and managing income and expenses effectively. Therefore, the experience of TICON should enable the property management to be effective and ultimately benefit TLOGIS. The well known Euro Money magazine recently chose TICON as Thailand's outstanding real estate developer for the year 2009.